The Global Demand of the Tablet Press Machine and Future Outlook To 2020

The tablet press machine has recently played a critical role in today’s world and a wide variety of drugs and medications are currently administered in tablet form. In most pharmaceutical manufacturing organisations, the equipment is a “must have” accessory due to its role in tablet manufacturing.

Tablet Press Machine

Operation Principle

The tablet machine basically operates on the principle of compression whereby powders or granules are compressed in a special mould to achieve the desired shape of a tablet. The final shape depends on the shape of the die and punch.
Tablet formation is done in a series of four stages which are die filling, tablet compression, tablet ejection, tablet detachment.

Innovations in the Tablet Press Machine to Meet Global Demand

High production and efficiency in tablet manufacturing can never be achieved without the appropriate manufacturing technology. Currently the pill press machines have been engineered to manufacture over 200,000 tablets per hour. To achieve this, certain innovations have been made including;

  • Programmable logic control systems for easy calibration and machine operation. This automation reduces level of human intervention and becomes easier to maintain operation efficiency, consistency and accuracy.
  • Use of two compression stages , the pre compression and the main compression stage
  • Automatic lubrication systems
  • Remotely monitored and controlled systems.

Market Outlook for the Tablet Making Machine

Research reports indicate that the global tablet processing and packaging equipment demand is set to continue increasing at a rate of approximately 8.5 % per annum. Some of the underlying factors contributing to this growth include;

  • The rapid increase in ageing population requiring constant medication in tablet form.
  • Advancements in formulations and drug delivery systems favouring tablet formulations.
  • The need to develop different methods of drugs administrations for different users.
  • Rise in cases of chronic and infectious diseases in certain areas of the world

The demand for the tablet making machines has further been sub divided to segments depending on the different models of the machines available in the market. These include;

Double Rotary Press Machine

Double Rotary Tablet Press

Double Rotary Press Machine is demanded where there is need to produce round , double sided engraved tablets. The machine has high global demand in heavy tablet manufacturing industries as it is able to produce a maximum of 220,000 tablets per hour , thus cost effective and efficient.

R&D Tablet Press

R&D Tablet Press is mainly used in research laboratories. The equipment has much lesser output of approximately 2000 – 18000 tablets per hour. The machine comes fully computerized with very high accuracy levels as may be required during the initial phases of product development. The machines can also delivery very high compression pressure of up to 6 tons.

Bolus Tablet press

This type of tablet making machine is used in making of simple and precise tablets from powder. It is used for small batch sizes of medicines like bolus for veterinary and slugging of powder medicines.

Bottom Line

To ensure a good return on investment the tablet making machine are made of heavy duty and robust construction that enables them meet requirements for capacity, precision, maintenance ,safety and reliability. These factors have ensured continuous market expansion for the equipments.