Roller Compactor – Beast I Roll Compactor, Mini Roll Compactor

FALCON – Roll Compactor Machine is used for dry granulation method. It forces the fine powders between two counter rotating rollers and presses the fine powders in a solid compact or sheets, so called chips or flakes. Finally these chips or flakes are then reduced in size to the desired granules/grain size further with the help of Oscillating Granulator Machine or Multi Mill Machine or Comminuting Mill or Sizing Machine. The sieve size should be selected very carefully in order to prevent the generation of fines. The selected sieve defines the final granules/grains size. Also further to achieve excellent granules/grains can be made dust free by Screening (Sifter) Machine. The separated fines also can be Re-compacted/ Recycle with Roller Compactor Machine.

Roller compactors machines are know with different terminologies like powder compactor, powder granulator for dry granulation, Cantilever Roll Compactor, adjustable roll compactor for pharmaceutical processing, twin screw roll compactor, mini roll compactor etc.