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Dies & Punches Manufacturer - Tablet Punch Die Polishing Kit

FALCON believe in creating a close working partnership with our customers and we will support you through every stage of the tooling procurement process from design / specification to maintenance and aftercare.

FALCON recognizes the importance of quality, value, delivery and customer satisfaction. We also recognize the importance of producing our tools to your specifications each and every time. That’s why we have taken the lead in developing quality tableting systems to ensure you are comfortable we can meet those expectations on every order.

Product Features:- Dies & Punches

  • Quality Dies & Punches as per world standard.
  • Premium S7 Steel for all punches.
  • D3 Steel Standard for all dies.
  • Multi-Tip Tooling.
  • Carbide lined dies.
  • Free Tooling Certifications.
  • Inspection Report for each & Every Die & Punch.
  • Inspection Kit of Dies & Punches.
  • Die & Punch Polishing Kit.
  • Storage Systems for Tablet Tooling.