Rapid Mixture Granulator

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Lab RMG (Rapid Mixture Granulator) (Interchangeable) has been devloped for mixing of ingredients used for wet granulation for R & D. Multi-blade impeller & chopper design is for better floating and tumbling of material for dry & wet mixing; it forms a uniform wet granules

Salient Features:- RMG (Rapid Mixture Granulator)

  • Contact parts SS 316 8 Non contact parts SS 304
  • Three Four blade impeller (customized) design
  • Four blade chopper design
  • Special design air purging facility as an option
  • Manually operated discharge
  • Structure MS & Covered with SS 304
  • Manual operated push button control
  • PLC based operating panel can be provide as an option
  • Inter changeability design for lab model up to 15 litre

Technical Specification:- RMG (Rapid Mixture Granulator) for Dry/Wet Granulation Process

MODEL / Size2.557.51015
Gross Volume (Litres)2.558.01015
Working Volume (Litres)
Impeller Motor KW/HP1.
Impeller Blade RPM15 to 15015 to 15015 to 15015 to 15015 to 150
Chopper Motor KW/HP0.
Chopper Motor RPM150 to 2800150 to 2800150 to 2800150 to 2800150 to 2800