De-Burring Machine, De-Dusting Equipment Manufacturer

De-Burring Machine

Deburring Machine is an effective equipment for removal of dust and burr from manufactured tablets in an accurate and precise process. The machine operates noiselessly and effectively de burr tablets to the required finish. It is equipped with a height adjustment feature that enables it attain the height of any tableting machine. The contacts parts are made with Stainless steel 304 grades making them durable and hygienic in operation. Parts are easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.

De-Dusting Machine

The machine offers reliable dedusting process to end with a clean and particle free tablet. It is made with a complete stainless steel frame easy to clean and operate. It offers full suction of the excess powder and may also be equipped with an additional brushing unit. The height of the unit is also adjustable according height of the packing line. De-dusting machine is easily movable from one station to another and has high energy efficiency.