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Falcon adjustable roll compactor machine is the best cGMP plain & water jacketted roller compactor / mini powder granulator for dry granulation. It forces the powders between two counter rotating rollers & presses fine powders in a solid sheets, called chips or flakes. Roll Compactor has a very compact design & is available in plain, water jacketed & flameproof model. Entire covers are designed to acquire dust-free operation. Roll compactor provide optimized granulated material to improve down-flow characteristics and succeeding maximized tablet making efficiency. The roller compactor machine is fully contained, wash-in-place capable and scaleable from lab to production.

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Salient Features:- Roller Compactor Machine for Dry Granulation

  • Under cGMP guidelines. All contact parts are of S.S. 316 except rollers.
  • Compact designs are available in Water Jacketed, Flameproof Model or Plain.
  • Frequency Drive of AC Variable is used to drive Screw.
  • Slipping Clutch for safety purpose between feed screw and gearbox.
  • Mirror finished Hard chrome or Electroless Nickel Plating (ELNP)  made of tools steel compacting rolls.
  • Coupled drive unit using coupling of rolls through twins shaft gear box that ensures the synchronization of rolls with balanced torque loading.
  • Roll without any leakage or slippage with pre-compression chamber guides.
  • Well Polished Conical shape or Cylindrical pre-densifier screws made of AISI-316 best quality material.
  • Lifting feed assembly screw with hand operated hydraulic pump which is easy to clean.
  • Scrapper assembly is designed for easily dismantle & cleaning purpose.
  • Separate board panel that includes indicators and controls of the adjustable roller compactor are permanently built in namely, main switch , on/off feed screw, forward/reverse switch, on/off rolls, ammeters for feed screw, emergency stop  and rolls to avoid fire hazard or short circuit while cleaning with water.
  • Electrically interlocked between fixed screw drive and main roll drive.
  • Arranged with Water Jacket. (optional)
  • Hydraulic power system only for Rear Roller. (optional)
  • For Rollers Variable AC frequency drive. (optional)


The roll compactor machine by Falcon machineries is widely known for dry granulation process. Both the counters, rotating rollers press the fine powder in the solid sheets also known as flakes or chips. With the help of Oscillating Granulator Machine or also known as Multi Mill Machine or Sizing Machine or Comminuting Mill the flakes or chips are processed to shrink in size to desired grain size or granules. To avoid the variance of the final grain size and granules the sieve size should be carefully selected. The Screening Sifter machine makes dust free & also helps further results of good quality granules & grains. In-fact we have also noticed that Roll Compactor Machine can recycle or re-compact the fines which has separated.

For the process of roller compactor the crystalline powder is rolled down to the hopper of roll compactor. The Compacting rollers is fed with powder inside the compacting zone by the vertical feed screw through pre-compacting compartment.The powder is passed firmly between the compacting roller gap and through AC Variable Frequency Drive – AC VFD which has adjustable speed so that the hard chips or flakes can form fine powder.Through this process of powder granulator machine model an appropriate harmonization is created between the roller speed & feed screw with suitable quality of flakes. The speed ratio can be maintained and be continued to accomplish good results.
Selection of Roller Compactor depends on the features & characteristics of the powder/product form. Our Technical team shall be delighted to recommend the best suited Roll compactor surface as per the experience or expertise of the machine.

Our team is always happy to help in-case of any type of evaluation or development of any product is required for dust free granules at export quality standards. We also support our clients periodically to carry out some trails at our plant with their material.

The size reduction of the compact is achieved by a FALCON MILL, which can be installed as an intergral part of the system, particle size can be varied by changing the screen size as well as adjusting the operating speed and blade type. This combination provides maximum flexibility in meeting product requirements with a broad range of materials.

Roll Compactor is a multipurpose dry granulation & densified machine which produces consistent compact sheet with consistent hardness & increased density by compacting powdered material between two uniquely design rolls. Falcon roll compactor is simple-to-use, extremely easy to clean, absolutely cost effective & designed for maximum processing efficiency.

Flacon Machineries roll compactor is fully contained, wash-in-place equipped & scalable from lab to production unit. The Roller surface can be opted depending upon the quality of the powder/product/flakes.

The Falcon roller compactor machine provide ultimate granulated material to progress down-stream powder flow features & consequent maximum tableting efficiency with precision in real-time gap control.

In-case our range interest you or you would like to discuss little further into its description and functionality our technical team can always assists you with the same. We are always more than happy to carry out great conversations with our valuable clients & visitors.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:- Adjustable Roll Compactor Machine for Dry Compactation

Output *5 to 60 Kgs / hour10 to 100 Kgs / hour50 to 250 Kgs / hour50 to 350 Kgs / hour
Roll Size200mm Dia X

50 mm (W)

200mm Dia X

75 mm (W)

200mm Dia X

100 mm (W)

200mm Dia X

150 mm (W)

Roll Speed (Step Pulley drive)6 to 25 RPM6 to 25 RPM6 to 25 RPM6 to 22 RPM
Feed Screw Speed (Through A.C. Drive)5 to 60 RPM5 to 60 RPM5 to 60 RPM5 to 60 RPM
Roll Drive Motor5 HP, 960 RPM, 440 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz7.5 HP, 960 RPM, 440 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz10 HP, 960 RPM, 440 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz
Feed Screw Drive Motor2 HP, 1440 RPM, 440 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz5 HP, 1440 RPM, 440 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz

Note : Specification and Features of the Machineries are subject to change without any prior notice.