Tablet Press Machine – Importance, Types and Advantages

The TabletCompression Machine plays a vital role in the pharmaceutical industry. Today there are a number of drugs, which come in the form of tablets. And, with continuous research and development in medical science, many new drugs are invented every day. As a result, Tablet Press Machine, also known as, Rotary Press or Pill Press, has become a very important machine for all the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing different types of tablets. In a tablet press machine, powders or granules are compressed in a specially designed mold to achieve the shape of tablets.

With the technological evolution over the years, the tablet press manufacturers have been successful in developing high-tech models of Rotary Tablet Press machine such as Single Rotary Tablet Press, Double Rotary Tablet Press, Bi-Layer Tablet Press, High-Speed Tablet Press, Bolus Tablet Press, Lab Tablet Press Machine and Veterinary Tablet Press. All these machines enable pharmaceutical companies to meet high production requirements.

Types of Tablet Press Machine

Mainly there are two types of tablet compression machines – single station tablet press machine and multi-station tablet press machine. Single station tablet press machine, also known as a single punch, is the simplest pill pressing equipment. Based on the design and model specifications, this machine can be operated manually or an electric motor can be incorporated in it. Generally, there are three main process stages in a single station tablet compression machine – Filling Process, CompressionProcess, and Ejection Process.

A multi-station tablet press machine, also known as the rotary press, is one of the most preferred machines in the pharmaceutical industry. Rotary tablet press machine offers advantages like high production capacity and cost-effectiveness. Same as single station tablet compression machine, Filling, Compression and ejection are three process stages of multi-station tablet press machines. The production capacity of any rotary press machine depends on the rotation speed of the turret and the number of stations.

Advantages of Single Station Tablet Press Machine

Single station tablet pressing machine offers many advantages. It is most suitable for the small production batch. Mostly it is compact in design and saves space. Moreover, a single punch pill press machine is easy to operate so it can be operated without any advanced training. It is often used in research and development.

Single Rotary Tablet Press

Single Station Tablet Press Machine

Advantages of Multi-Station Tablet Press Machine

The multi-station tablet press machine is more cost-effective as compared to the single station tablet press. It is most suitable for companies with high production requirements for tablets. The production capacity of the rotary tablet press machine depends on the design and model configuration. This advanced machine offers great accuracy and consistency in the tablet manufacturing process.

Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Multi-Station Tablet Press Machine

The tablet press machine has been playing a critical role in the world. Today, a wide range of tablet pressing machine is available and choosing the right tablet press machine can be a complicated task. However, it is advisable to check the machine drawing and specifications before making a final decision.