The Roll Compactor Machine: Guaranteed Productivity in Dry Granulation Process

In essence, there are two processes used to achieve compaction in the dry granulation process. These are slugging and roller compaction. In slugging, the tablet press machine is used while in roller compaction, the roller compactor is the equipment used. The slugging method has proven to have many technical challenges and therefore the roller compactor method is the most preferred. The roller compactor machine forces fine powder between two opposing and rotating rollers to .

Equipment from Falcon Machineries Solves All Processing Challenges

Tablet Press Machine The operation of this machine involves compressing of powder substance into tablets shape of uniform size, thickness and weight.  The press machine is usable in various industries including cosmetics, cleaning products and pharmaceutical products. The granular substance is passed through the cavity between two punches and a die form and a force is used to bind the materials together. The tablet press machine is manufactured in two forms which are the .

Advanced Processing Pharma Equipments

Mini Press Machine This machine is basically designed for use in research and therefore is part of the laboratory equipments. It is made with an ideal iron casting material with special anti vibration guards for smooth operation. The equipment is sturdy in construction with fitted grease nipples for lubrication. It is designed to be kept on the table-top, no paint is used on the equipment. Mini Press Machine has also been fitted with an .

Pharmaceutical Machines from Falcon Machineries Are Leading In Innovation

Pharmaceutical equipments are a special category of equipments in that they process ingestible products in small delivery sizes. It is absolutely critical for the processing and packaging be done in high care and hygienic processing to deliver the rights dosages, tablet size, coating and chemical formulation. The pharmaceutical equipment from falcon machineries include machines such as tableting machines, de burring machines, dusters, granulators and blenders. These machines have been developed to ensure maximum efficiency .

Falcon Machineries Guarantee Efficient Production and Return on Investment

Falcon Machineries is a leading manufacturer of plants and machines used in various industries such as the pharmaceuticals, food, bulk medical drugs, salt making, fertilizers and many more. The company has successfully introduced highly efficient equipment for the pharmaceutical industry that includes Dust Extractor Machine, Dies & Punches, Colloid Mill, Tablet Machine, Vacuum Tray Dryer Machine, Coating Machine, Tablet Inspection Machine, Deburring Machine, Dedusting Machine, Spares Machine, Punch Tableting Machine, Tablet Section Machine. The .