FBD (Fluid Bed Dryer)

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Fluid Bed Dryer works on the principal of fluidised to dry the material of granules with the help of hot air and that will creates turbulence while flowing through it.

Salient Features

  • Contact parts SS 316 &Non contact parts SS304
  • Uniform drying with quickly exchange the granules
  • Single piece retarding chamber
  • Heating media steam or electrical heater
  • Auto shaking filter bag arrangement
  • Exhaust Blower
  • Container / Filter Bag / Inlet locking through inflatable gasket
  • Inbuilt on/off damper
  • Online sampling port


MODEL / Size5103060120160
Container Volume (Liters)1835115215410475
Working Volume (Kg)4.0 to 6.08.0 to 12.020 to 3045 to 60100 to 120140 to 160
Blower Motor HP357.512.52525
Drying Air Temperature45-85℃45-85℃45-85℃45-85℃45-85℃45-85℃
Steam Consumption (Kg/Hr)1525456590120
Electrical Heating (kw)101525456065